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Jeffrey Pflaum is an accomplished writer, photographer, and former inner-city educator with 34 years of experience in the NYC Department of Education. Jeffrey has developed creative, innovative, and progressive curricula for his students with the purpose of developing young minds into focused, creative, self-aware, and motivated students. 

Utilizing his years of experience and unique approaches, Jeffrey has written numerous works which have appeared in newspapers, journals, magazines, and various other outlets. You can download his articles on emotional intelligence (EI), social-and-emotional learning skills (SEL), character education/formation, identity, creativity, creative-thinking, critical thinking, reading, writing, metacognition, and values clarification at:

Jeffrey wrote an inspirational book titled Motivating Teen and Preteen readers: How Teachers and Parents Can Lead the Way published by R&L Education (July 21, 2011). He developed an EI/SEL Project for The Texas Home School Coalition website, featuring over 60,000 families and 135,000 individuals. For an in-depth bio on Jeffrey Pflaum, please click the Bio tab. 

For more information on Jeffrey's book and purchasing details, please click here.

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Recently, Jeffrey was interviewed about his diverse educational projects by Ba Luvmour on MEETINGS WITH REMARKABLE EDUCATORS at: Jeffrey has appeared on numerous radio shows discussing his educational subjects. For more info on Jeffrey's radio show appearances, click here

In addition to Jeffrey's blog here at the website, he also blogs at The BAM Radio Netowrk's blog, ED Words, and BAM Radio blog can be found, here and Edutopia blog can be found, here. Visit Jeff's blog at The BAM Radio Network to find various posts about reading, writing, thinking, creativity, 21st century learning skills, emotional intelligence, character education, and values clarification. Please check out my work at:

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